Paul Pierce is known for speaking his mind at all occasions and at all times. Being nicknamed ‘The Truth' has its merits. But, some fans did not like certain statements made by the Boston Celtics legend. Trolls even brought in the name of Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade in the conversation. Pierce was not at all pleased and lashed back at these people.

Retirement can be fun and enjoyable. Some legends choose to live outside while others look to improve their public relations image through social media. Paul Pierce chose to be the latter and loves to hang around Instagram Live. He also has a huge presence on Twitter and expresses his basketball opinions there. The Celtics legend went through a series of tweets that were not very savory. A lot of them were criticizing his style of play during his NBA days. The Truth did not take this well and responded.

“I’m still better at hoop than 99.9 percent of people on Twitter,” he wrote. Pierce also added that there are not a lot of people on the app that can beat him.


A particular tweet got a response from him. It was about his comparisons to Heat's Dwyane Wade throughout his Celtics stint. He also did not like the statement and went scorched on Earth.

“Y’all got the most to say, Dummy,” he said.


Pierce has been engaging with fans quite a lot but is not letting any hate slide. Will he be able to get past all of the immaturity some trolls throw at him?