The Boston Celtics reshaped their roster in the offseason after a disappointing 2018-19 season. The team replaced Kyrie Irving for Kemba Walker, but they didn't sign a marquee free agent to replace center Al Horford.

Enes Kanter is the team's top option at the center spot; however, a Celtics team executive thinks that Vincent Poirier can also help fill the void left by the All-Star big man.

“(Vincent) Poirier is a guy we’ve had eyes for a while. He was at Summer League a couple of years back and caught our eye with the way he moved for his size. He’s got the potential to be a big-time defender and rebounder. We’ll be different than with Al (Horford), but still good.”

Poirier is a Euroleague veteran who has yet to play any NBA minutes. After going undrafted in 2015, he played with the Orlando Magic in Summer League but did not impress enough to earn a contract. Instead, Poirier signed with Baskonia, a team in the Spanish league, and played there for two seasons.

Horford's departure leaves some large shoes to fill, and the Celtics hope that Poirier can help fill them. Their other big man signing, Kanter, is not known for his defensive ability though he is a solid offensive player. Perhaps if Boston can form Poirier into a plus defender and play him alongside Kanter, the frontcourt won't collapse despite Horford's absence.