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Celtics’ Brad Stevens says Kemba Walker’s scans and tests ‘came back with positive results’


Boston Celtics fans weren’t the only ones worried the moment Kemba Walker crashed into teammate Semi Ojoleye. The entire NBA community began praying for his safety as his collision was far from a pretty one. These same fans can now breathe with relief as Brad Stevens revealed that his star point guard may be able to return to the team sooner rather than later.

Suffering an injury on the head or neck is a serious injury that affects more than just a person’s ability to play basketball. While the return date for Walker is still not determined by the team, Celtics fans can rest easy in the knowledge that their team wouldn’t have to play without Kemba for a couple of months.

This thought also rings true for the Celtics. Kemba has established himself as the de facto on- and off-court leader of the Celtics, bringing with him a trove of experiences he got during his years with the Charlotte Hornets.

Stevens was quick to praise the 29-year-old’s leadership, something that fans felt was severely lacking during Kyrie Irving’s final, tumultuous year with the team.

The Celtics now have to find a temporary replacement for Kemba’s nightly production of 22.6 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 4.8 assists.

Fortunately, there are players in the team who can step up. Jaylen Brown will be given more touches as Kemba heals up. Jayson Tatum may get more shots. Gordon Hayward may also get a turn if he gets healthy enough, but Marcus Smart may be the man who will benefit the most from this.

The team hopes Kemba won’t be out for too long because the summit of the Eastern Conference is not an easy place to reach.