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Brian Scalabrine thinks Jayson Tatum will be the X-factor for the Celtics


Brian Scalabrine, an 11-year NBA veteran with the New Jersey Nets, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls, now serves as the color commentator for the Celtics after becoming something of a cult figure in the NBA with a Kobe Bryant-esque nickname of “White Mamba.” Now, as a Celtics commentator, Scalabrine seems to be an expert on the team, and he recently published a story on NBC Sports Boston outlining what the C’s need to do next season after the loss of Kyrie Irving and Al Horford. In particular, Scalabrine outlines the steps that third-year wing Jayson Tatum needs to take in order to take the next step in his career.

“I think Tatum might be the X-factor. Tatum has to be so much more dominant. I can’t call a game and not mention his name for a quarter. He’s got to impact the game in so many ways. Crazy big shoulders, long arms, he’s got game. I don’t want to see all his shots end up in Kobe Bryant’s 18-foot step-backs. Get to the free-throw line, which he is capable of doing and get to the restricted area, which he is capable of doing.”

Indeed, one notable knock on Tatum last season was that he was too focused on taking poorly conceived long two-pointers when driving to the rim or taking a triple is almost always a preferable option.

Next season is sure to be a fascinating one for the Celtics what with Kemba Walker on the team, but Tatum will be definitely be a major factor in the team’s success.