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Dennis Schroder’s post-Lakers look should get Celtics fans hyped

Dennis Schroder, Celtics, LeBron James

As it turns out, it isn’t just Jayson Tatum who’s been on an offseason transformation journey for the Boston Celtics. Based on a recent photo he shared on Instagram, new Celtics recruit Dennis Schroder is also following suit.

Schroder has been working out in the summer and he’s proud to show off the results (h/t Peter Dewey of Lakers Daily):

Dennis Schroder Celtics

Check out those abs. Is that a six-pack or an eight-pack? It is also clear that Schroder isn’t missing any leg days in the gym. Take a look at that left thigh. I mean, that looks like the thighs of a soccer player, to be honest.

There’s no doubt that that Schroder has been diligent with his workouts in the offseason. After his contract debacle with the Los Angeles Lakers, the 27-year-old is now extremely motivated to prove himself with the Celtics in the upcoming season. He’s also on a contract year, so he will definitely be doing everything in his power to improve his stock in the campaign ahead.

The good news for Schroder is that people have already counted him out at this point. He’s been the butt of many jokes, and most folks believe that the Celtics guard won’t be able to recover from a terrible decision that cost him nearly $80 million. He’s well aware of all the slander and is using it as motivation for what’s ahead.