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Enes Kanter reveals what he’s putting on the back of his jersey for NBA restart

Enes Kanter, Boston Celtics

The NBA recently announced that the league will be allowing players to decide what they want to put on the back of their jerseys as a way of promoting the fight against social injustice. Being the politically-involved and perpetually outspoken individual that he is, Boston Celtics big man Enes Kanter is certainly taking advantage of this opportunity.

Kanter recently went on a video interview on CNN Philippines, and the 28-year-old explained why he has decided to have the word “freedom” printed on his jersey. Kanter himself shared a clip of the interview via his own Twitter account:

Kanter sends a very inspirational message here, and one that is very close to his heart. The 6-foot-10 big man has been on a long political battle against his home nation of Turkey, with Kanter serving as a staunch critic of the current Turkish administration. He has never been afraid to call out what he deems to be a dictatorship in his country, to the extent that it has caused him his citizenship.

As he said above, however, he is telling everyone to keep on fighting, despite the odds. The Celtics big himself has been put against the wall on several occasions, but this has not prevented him for fighting for what he believes in — for fighting for freedom. He only hopes that his story serves as an inspiration to many, especially to the people of the United States, who are all currently in the midst of one of the most significant junctures in history with regards to the fight against systemic racism and social injustice.