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Celtics’ Enes Kanter says his shoulder ‘feels good’ and ‘ready’


Enes Kanter, now of the Boston Celtics, says that his shoulder has fully healed and is off and ready for the 2019-20 season.

To recall, Kanter injured his shoulder during the 2019 playoffs when he was still with the Portland Trail Blazers. However, since the Blazers were shorthanded, Kanter played on. Thankfully, he didn’t hamper it any further. Now, as he’s about to embark on a brand new season donning a new jersey, Kanter believes that his shoulder is ready. Per Jared Weiss of The Athletic:

“The most important thing is my shoulder feels good,” he says after the three-hour run is over for the day. “This is the first five-on-five I’ve played since the playoffs and my shoulder feels ready.”

The Celtics will be Kanter’s fifth team in his nine-year NBA career. Along with his significant experience, Kanter will bring his signature tenacity of both ends of the floor coupled with his rebounding and efficient inside-scoring.

The Turkish center will be asked to fill in the void left by Al Horford who moved on to the Philadelphia 76ers. Fans should expect Kanter to play a traditional center role of setting screens and battling for the rebounds. But when he suddenly shoots the ball from the perimeter and it goes in, they shouldn’t be shocked. Kanter has been working on his stroke:

“I’m still a banger and back-to-the-basket player who rebounds and sets screens and everything,” the 6-foot-11 Kanter says. “But as the league changes a lot, you’ve got to be able to change with the league. So I’ve been working on my shot since the playoffs was over.”

Celtics fans who are worried about Kanter’s injury history should worry no more. They’ll receive a healthy player with a new and improved skill set to boot.