Celtics news: Gordon Hayward acknowledges boos from Utah crowd, 'It's part of the game'
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Gordon Hayward acknowledges boos from Utah crowd, ‘It’s part of the game’


Gordon Hayward returned to Utah to face the Jazz for the first time since signing with the Boston Celtics. He signed with the Celtics in the summer of 2017.

Hayward was met with boo’s as soon as he hit the floor Friday night.

This has been a pretty common theme throughout the league when a star player leaves a team to join another one. The returns of LeBron James and Kevin Durant were intense for all parties involved.

The return of Hayward was still intense, but it was not as hostile as the returns of James and Durant.

James return to Cleveland for the first time when he was a member of the Miami Heat has to rank among the top memorable returns in the history of the NBA. The air was filled with anger throughout the crowd. That time, James got the last laugh and the Heat crushed the Cavaliers.

As far as Hayward, he did not get the last laugh against his former team this time, as the Jazz defeated the Celtics 123-115.

As Hayward said, the boo’s are just part of the game. It seemed like with his answer, he enjoyed getting them. With the next time Hayward will be facing the Jazz in Utah next season, it will be interesting to see if the reaction is still the same, or the reactions have gone down.

When James and Durant came back for their returns a second and a third time, the reactions went down.

With this game out of the way for the Celtics superstar, he can now focus on the rest of the season and getting back into rhythm.