Celtics news: Jaylen Brown on treating police brutality 'domestic terrorism'
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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown insists police brutality should be called ‘domestic terrorism’


Boston Celtics swingman Jaylen Brown understands the power of words, which is why he suggested a new term for police brutality.

Speaking to reporters after Boston’s thrilling 122-119 win over the Orlando Magic on Sunday, Brown explained why people should start referring to such abuse of power as “domestic terrorism”. Via Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe: 

“Law enforcement, historically in America, has targeted and profiled black and minority civilian populations throughout time. Some Americans have the birthright and the privilege to see police officers as protectors and even embrace heroism. Unfortunately, I’m not from that side of America.”

Brown continued: “I’m from the other side where people are in fear of the police where you can be killed in your own backyard while reaching for your wallet. Your parents have to teach you certain behaviors because they’re in fear that if you run into the police you might not come home”.

The Celtics’ 6-foot-6 swingman then cited the names of victims of police brutality over the years and bared the importance of acknowledging what they truly went through.

“I want to take a look at the term ‘police brutality’ and offer another term as domestic terrorism’. Because that’s what it was in the eyes of George Floyd. That’s what it was in the eyes of Trayvon Martin. That’s what it is on the eyes of people of color and minority communities,” he said.

Jaylen Brown, 23, is indeed a man of wisdom, especially for his young age. It is impressive and quite admirable how he can eloquently discuss such a delicate matter with clarity.

Brown finished with a double-double of 19 points and 12 rebounds in 39 minutes versus the Magic, helping the Celtics improve to 47-23.