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Jayson Tatum breaks crazy 20-year-old Celtics record with huge 1st half

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Another Boston Celtics game, another record claimed by star Jayson Tatum. Against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday, Tatum exploded for 24 points in the first half, making him the first player in Celtics history with consecutive 20-point halves over the last 20 seasons.

Apart from breaking the Celtics record, Tatum also forged his name beside Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry who had five straight 20-point halves last month.

Tatum’s streak started in the Celtics’ 125-104 loss to the Charlotte Hornets where he scored 20 points in the second half (finished with 35 points). In his 60-point outburst against the San Antonio Spurs, Tatum dropped 24 points in the first half, 26 in the second, then 10 in overtime for good measure.

It may be an unusual stat that fans would never have noticed. But it sure does display the scoring prowess of Tatum. As such, it’s pretty understandable that he’s being compared to the late Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant. Both of them have pretty similar playstyles in terms of their footwork and mid-ranged shot mastery. But more importantly, they both have a knack for shooting the ball and swishing it. The Celtics have given Tatum their offensive chores. And he’s delivering every night.

There’s no question that Tatum has a bright future ahead of him. Who knows, Tatum might even and up in the top 10 or even the top five of the NBA’s all-time scoring list? But for a player like Tatum, it seems that these scoring milestones are trivial matters compared to the ultimate goal of winning the championship. We may see another Tatum scoring milestone. But what he craves the most is that hardware.