Jayson Tatum is not just all game. The Boston Celtics star has a life outside of the basketball court. He knew how to be fun with Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, and Grant Williams which is their team chemistry is off the roof. Tatum also carries his fun behavior into his household. He has a lot of hilarious moments with Deuce Tatum, his son, posted all around his social media. But, the latest victim of his pranks has to be Kevin Hart in his latest Cold As Balls appearance.

Jayson Tatum had a lot of hilarious moments with Kevin Hart. They talked about Tatum's college scholarships, his decision to join the Duke basketball program, and how the Philadelphia 76ers are not a threat to the Celtics' chances of earning their 18th banner. But, before all of that happened Hart had a surprise coming for him during the start of the show.

He was greeted with a jersey from the Celtics star to show his appreciation for the show invite. It had the correct colors and name at the back. But, the huge glaring difference was the number. The number 2 was plastered on it instead of his signature zero. He had revealed that this was Deuce Tatum's jersey.

It perfectly fit Hart because it was roughly the same size a kid would wear. A notable and funny knock on the comedian was how small he is compared to the rest of the world. Hart knows his humor and takes the joke well. A lot more funny moments with Tatum and Jaylen Brown will come up as training camps start in a few days.