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Kevin Garnett congratulates Celtics teammates Ray Allen, Paul Pierce for making NBA Top 75

Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Ray Allen

Kevin Garnett took to social media to congratulate two teammates of his from his days with the Boston Celtics for making the NBA 75th Anniversary team. The Big Ticket gave shoutouts on his Instagram story to the co-stars from his lone championship-winning team, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, for earning the honor.

“Congratulations to WALTER ‘Ray’ & P Pierce for making top75 players…truly blessed and WELL DESERVED TO BOTH…Congrats KINGS,” Garnett wrote.

All three of the Boston Three Party members have strong cases for making the 75th Anniversary team, each showcasing individual brilliance on the hardwood during the late 1990s and early 200s before joining forces in Boston and winning the 2008 championship. The feel-good vibes of the team went south quickly when Allen, after disagreements with Boston management and teammate Rajon Rondo, signed with the archrival Miami Heat.

Garnett congratulating Pierce, who reassured a fan on Twitter that he is worthy of the selection yesterday, is not all that surprising. But it seems a bit interesting that Garnett included Allen in his message. Allen is not a favorable figure within the Celtics organization, especially his former teammates. Just a few months ago, Garnett cropped him out of a picture on an Instagram story.


Garnett’s inclusion of Allen in his congratulations may just be a kind gesture more than a sign that their strained personal relationship is healing. While Boston fans will always look back on that team with pride, the team’s stars won’t always recall their championship so fondly.