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Kyrie Irving claims he spent last eight years trying to make others happy

Kyrie Irving, Celtics

All the talk in the NBA lately about who’s going to be traded where and what team each player will sign with in the offseason has left the league with no shortage of drama. All this noise in the league apparently has Kyrie Irving feeling himself. In talking with Cassidy Hubbarth prior to the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks matchup on Friday night, Irving had this to say about his upcoming free agency:

“I’ve spent the last 8 years trying to do what everybody else wanted me to do in terms of making my decisions and trying to validate thru the media, thru other personnel, managers and I don’t owe anybody sh*t.”

It’s hard to argue that Kyrie hasn’t been loyal in his time in the NBA. Kyrie put his all into his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Just as quickly as he took over as the face of the franchise on a bad Cleveland team that desperately needed him, he allowed LeBron James to take command upon his return in 2014, pushing Irving down to a secondary role.

Sure, Kyrie did force his way out of Cleveland with a trade request, but it was after he had helped deliver a title to the city and, at least partly, due to the fact that the Cavs were shopping him around prior to his request to be moved.

This summer holds many options in store for Kyrie Irving. The possibility of re-signing with Celtics, partnering up with another star in New York, or even getting back together with LeBron on the Lakers are all pathways he will have to choose from in the offseason. Only time will what Kyrie will do during his free agency, but It seems apparent whatever he does, he will be doing it for himself.