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Kyrie Irving says joining Boston has already exceeded his expectations

The Boston Celtics came into this season with a lot of hype following a busy offseason headlined by the arrivals of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. They are currently exceeding those high expectations placed on them with a 15-2 start even with Hayward’s absence.

And on a personal level, Irving says his experience of playing for the Celtics thus far has probably exceeded his expectations.

Irving seems to be very happy about his move to Boston. He has been overly complimentary of just about every aspect of his new team, from praising Boston as a true sports city to lauding Celtics head coach Brad Stevens as the intellectual coach he’s been craving for.

Since it was his first time going to a new team, Irving was likely expecting some sort of adjustment period and growing pains while he got comfortable with his new situation. But apart from Hayward’s injury, it’s been pretty much smooth sailing for him and the Celtics thus far.

The honeymoon period will most likely end at some point and the Celtics will hit some rough patches under Irving which they must work through. But as of right now, Irving has every right to enjoy his decision to leave Cleveland and be his own man on his own team.