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Celtics’ Marcus Smart hits back at Kevin Durant over comments down 0-3

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As the Brooklyn Nets fell down 0-3 to the Boston Celtics, Kevin Durant admitted that he feels like he’s been thinking too much in the series. Marcus Smart wants some credit for that.

Durant was vocal after their Game 3 loss against Boston that he may be overthinking things as the Nets star has struggled like you rarely see from the former MVP.

“(In the first two games) watching film a lot of my teammates were open, so I felt my approach to this game was to play off of everybody. I was just thinking too much to be honest this whole series.”

Marcus Smart was asked about Durant’s comments and safe to say it rubbed him at least a little bit the wrong way. The Celtics guard and reigning Defensive Player of the Year wanted some credit for the team defense that’s held KD in check.

Via Jay King:

“I would like to think that we have something to do with it. If he’s second guessing himself then we’re doing our job,” said the Celtics guard.

The Nets star has averaged just 22 points per game through the first three of the series against Boston, which would be his lowest postseason average by far. KD hasn’t averaged less than 28 points per game in the playoffs since his first ever postseason series, and even then he was piling on 25 points on the eventual champion Los Angeles Lakers back in 2010.

But Smart also knows that the series isn’t over until the Celtics get that final win after he was asked if the Nets are now “broken”.

“I wouldn’t say that they’re broken. They’re human. We all know exactly what they can do. We have to turn it up or it will cost us.”

The Celtics have four chances to stick the dagger into the Nets and advance to the next round.