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Celtics’ Marcus Smart reacts to Derrick Rose’s shoutout in autobiography

Marcus Smart, Derrick Rose

Despite what others say, NBA players still get flattered whenever a notable individual praises them over their game. For Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, that moment came when Derrick Rose was complimenting his game in his new autobiography.

The guard out of Oklahoma State was on his way to Los Angeles on personal business when he got wind of the praise Rose gave him in his new autobiography, “I’ll Show You.”

The praise he gave didn’t give out numbers. He wasn’t posing as a man with a board trying to point out which aspects of his game works best in the league. He spoke like a true baller, calling Smart a “hooper” he’d like on his team any day:

“I always said I’m a hooper, and hoopers can do anything, I feel,” Rose writes, per Yahoo Sports’ Justin Leger. “It don’t matter. Like, Marcus Smart is a hooper. Analytics, you would say no way you want him. But when you go out there and watch the game, you say, ‘Of course I want him on my team.’ Makes shots, period. That’s a guy I love playing with.”

Smart was obviously flattered with the platform he was put on by the Detroit Pistons guard. He immediately took to social media to thank the youngest MVP in league history:

Smart is the longest-tenured Celtic on the team, giving everyone a good idea of how tumultuous the past couple of years have been for Boston.

Ironically, while Smart’s base numbers have never been all that impressive, especially when it comes to his shooting, it’s the analytics and intangibles that raise Smart’s profile as an impact player. Smart has endeared himself to Brad Stevens and Celtics fans by making winning plays when it counts.

The Celtics have a long season ahead of them as they try to stand atop a rather open Eastern Conference. While they’re not the favorite to win the East, they should be in the mix.

Smart will be a key component in the team’s success, as he has been for years.