Celtics news: Paul Pierce hits back at Lakers fans making fun of his wheelchair confession
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Paul Pierce hits back at Lakers fans making fun of his wheelchair confession

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce took a shot at Lakers fans who made fun of his confession related to his wheelchair game back in the 2008 NBA Finals:

Paul Pierce was taken off the court in a wheelchair during Game 1 of the 2008 Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers after landing awkwardly following a shot attempt. However, he returned after several minutes and helped the Boston Celtics win the contest and, ultimately, the championship.

11 years later, he admitted “The Truth” about the moment, saying it had nothing to do with an injury. Instead, he saidΒ he just needed to go to the bathroom.

Of course, this confession by Pierce caused a stir among Lakers fans. He was criticized and called out for it, but he just laughed them off and fired right back at them.

Although he’s already retired from the NBA, Pierce continues to make headlines for all the claims he has made over the past couple of months. He said he had a better career than Dwayne Wade, he invented the step-back jumper, and he was a better wing shooter than Klay Thompson. Him admitting he wasn’t really injured back in 2008 has just been added to this list.

Moreover, Pierce’s playoff predictions have often backfired. When he predicted the Celtics would beat the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the playoffs, Boston lost in five games. He then picked the Bucks to beat the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals, but Milwaukee ended up losing the series. Now, he is siding with the Raptors to beat the Golden State Warriors, so we’ll see if that comes to fruition.