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Paul Pierce unveils next move after ESPN scandal

Paul Pierce

Much has been made about Paul Pierce and his next move after his unceremonious exit as an ESPN anchor. He’s hinted at a few possible business ventures post-ESPN — including going into the lucrative business of commercial cannabis — but as it turns out, it’s all about being a tech startup venture capitalist for the Boston Celtics legend.

Pierce himself announced on Twitter that he’s invested in a social media platform called “SelfiePop”:

There’s isn’t too much information on the SelfiePop website other than a sign-in link and an application form, but apparently, it’s a platform designed for social media influencers that aims to help them monetize their presence on social media. It does sound like a revolutionary concept and based on what Pierce has to say about it, the Celtics icon truly believes that SelfiePop is going to be a game-changer.

I honestly thought Paul Pierce was going to take the more unconventional route by investing in a company that grows medicinal/commercial marijuana. After all, it was pretty on-brand right after his ESPN debacle. I mean, what do you do next after broadcasting your stripper party to the whole world? It also looked like he was high or drunk or both in the video, too. He’s a grown man and he can do what he wants with his own time, but for him to broadcast his shenanigans just isn’t right. Just ask ESPN.

As it turns out, however, Pierce has decided to put his money in what sounds like a very promising and tech product. Good luck, Paul.