The Kansas City Chiefs stand on the NFL's mountaintop, looking below at 31 other teams after they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-35, to take home the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Patrick Mahomes, in particular, poured in a stellar effort to lead the Chiefs' comeback effort from a 10-point halftime deficit. Mahomes was in complete control, leading the Chiefs to one quality offensive drive after another as the vaunted Eagles defense reached its breaking point.

This Super Bowl triumph is a culmination of Mahomes' strong 2022 campaign. He became just the first player in NFL history to win multiple league championships and MVPs in his first six seasons – something that not even Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, managed to pull off.

As the old adage goes, however, success really changes a person. Patrick Mahomes, perhaps after seeing his trophy cabinet fill up with accolade after accolade, championship after championship, may not mind losing one piece of silverware too much. At least that's what was apparent during the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade.

Mahomes was merely playing into the fanfare, as he stopped to take a selfie with some fans beyond the metal barricade while holding the Lombardi Trophy. And then, seemingly drunk with both alcohol and the euphoria of victory, the star quarterback handed off the trophy to the fan and walked away with a huge grin on his face.

Alas, as funny as the moment was, the trophy Patrick Mahomes handed off to the fan was merely a replica, per Alastair Talbot of Dailymail. But it wasn't just any replica. According to Vinnie Garafolo, the fan Mahomes posed with while holding the trophy, the replica bears a striking, almost identical resemblance to the legitimate Lombardi Trophy.

The quality of the replica piqued the interest of Mahomes and a few other Chiefs players. This then led to the Chiefs players celebrating and strutting around with the faux trophy for a bit, culminating in Mahomes' selfie with Garafolo.

The important thing from this entire situation is that everybody involved is having fun. And there may be more where that came from, as Mahomes and the rest of the Chiefs look set to compete for years to come.