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Report: Celtics players upset with Joel Embiid for not shaking hands after Game 5

Marcus Morris, Al Horford, Terry Rozier, Aron Baynes, Marcus Smart

Joel Embiid has been ruffling feathers since coming into the league as a brash, confident big man; but the Philadelphia 76ers center didn’t do himself any favors after leaving right after the final buzzer sounded Wednesday night, spelling the end of the road for the Sixers’ Cinderella season.

The Boston Celtics, who took over in the winding seconds of the game after an Embiid turnover were reportedly upset that the Cameroonian refused to shake hands with them following the end of the game.

“At least man up,” a player was overheard saying, according to Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo Sports.

Embiid has been known as an on-court trash-talker and willing to engage on any verbal spats via social media, but this paints him as a sore loser due to the poor sportsmanship shown after Game 5.

The 7-footer spoke at the press conference and said he “got to give them a lot of credit” for the way they played, but a distant cliche quote is unlikely to make up for what players will largely view as inconsiderate and disrespectful.

Embiid is a fiery competitor, surely, but it’s his actions on the court that will determine whether he’s respected as one or not, and it al starts with him showing the same level of respect to the players across from him.

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