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Celtics unwilling to meet Evan Fournier’s $80 million asking price

Celtics, Evan Fournier, Brad Stevens

The Boston Celtics have been making some early moves with the 2021 NBA free agency right around the corner. Evan Fournier was a target the front office was hoping to re-sign, however, it appears the two sides are struggling to reach an agreement.

According to The Boston Herald, Fournier is demanding a four-year $80 million deal from the club. The Celtics reportedly are unwilling to pay that amount to Fournier, although, “it’s unclear what the Celtics are offering, ‘it’s not looking good,’ said the source.”

Boston has recently agreed to a trade for Josh Richardson, who plays as a potential “insurance for a free agent priority that is not working out so well,” per The Boston Herald. Fournier is has risen his stock during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, as he has been playing at an insane level throughout the tournament.

The Celtics seemingly want to keep Fournier in Boston, but they’ll have some stiff competition during free agency. Apparently, the New York Knicks are interested in signing Fournier and they have the cap space to do so. If the Celtics are unable to reach a deal with Fournier, they’ll be missing out on him altogether.

Even so, Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics are busy at work making multiple moves this offseason. They’ve been able to dish away Tristan Thompson and his contract while obtaining solid prospects in Kris Dunn and Bruno Fernando. It seems the Celtics are in a mini-rebuild, as they have the star power to compete with the best in the league.

Keep tabs on the ongoing situation in Boston, as they could change their mind about Evan Fournier. The Celtics don’t have a complete roster and his shooting would give them a huge edge in competition next year. The front office traded for him last year for a reason and the team clearly wants him back with the organization. f