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Celtics rumors: Kyrie Irving’s bizarre interaction with Brad Stevens before a film session

Kyrie Irving, Celtics, Brad Stevens

Kyrie Irving is a rather odd character to anticipate, yet his closed-door relationships with his Boston Celtics teammates and head coach Brad Stevens weren’t all that much different.

NBA analyst Doug Gottlieb told The Best of the Herd Podcast an anecdote about Irving’s interaction with Stevens:

“Kyrie came in one day to [a film session], he was the first one in film room. He walked up to Brad Stevens and said, ‘What does government mean to you?’”

Stevens is known for his ability to adapt on the fly and his strong use of Xs and Os, yet this is one question that caught him off guard, given the place and time.

This is nothing new when it comes to Irving’s curiosity and picking people’s brain, as Howard Beck of Bleacher Report (h/t Michael Deprisco of NBC Sports Boston) once told an anecdote before the start of the 2018-19 season in which Irving challenged his teammates’ intellect.

“So Stevens went into some absolute soliloquy saying absolutely nothing because he didn’t know what kind of trap door any sort of word was. And then Stevens said, ‘What’s it mean to you, Kyrie?’ Kyrie said, ‘Control.'”

This is just one of the countless odd relationships Irving has had throughout his career and one that ultimately could be under wraps after only two seasons together in Bean Town.

It’s likely that Irving will now have these sort of existential debates with Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson moving forward, but there is no telling whether he will be more shocked or nonchalant when facing these type of impromptu debates.