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Charles Barkley suggests that athletes do more than just protest

Charles Barkley has always been a little more than opinionated.

He has stirred the pot many times with controversial statements since his days as a young basketball player.

Barkley recently agreed to host a show named The Race Card to explore to talk racial issues in America.

Since the beginning of the recent social events happening around the country, most of the attention on athletes has been focused on Colin Kaepernick.

NBA players have vowed to join in with their own protests, but in an interview with Mark Trible of the Courier-Post Barkley says they should do more than that and take the next step.

They have a right to protest. I mean, you can’t pick and choose when you want people to protest. That’s the greatest thing about this country.

My concern is with what they’re going to do next. You have to give money, time and effort to the black community. Kneeling or holding up a fist, that’s a statement but there’s something that comes after that. So, I challenge all those guys to give money to their certain causes … Anytime you’re famous and you do something people don’t like, there’s going to be outrage. That comes with the territory.

Carmelo Anthony has already pledged to give money along with Kaepernick to go along with their statements of protests.

This is one of those times Barkley might actually have a point.

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