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Chris Bosh Speaks Out on LaMarcus Aldridge’s Transition to Spurs

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat sees his previous situation of coming to Miami as similar to the current transition former Portland Trail Blazer LaMarcus Aldridge now faces as he joins the San Antonio Spurs.

Bosh initially noted the difficulty in going from star player to a team of stars:

“The transition is the hardest part. Especially with him, he was getting a high volume amount of touches. Frankly, it’s a lot easier to be a team guy then…When you’re playing with all that talent, with all those expectations, you got people chirping at you what you should be doing and you know what you need to be doing within the organization, it’s tough.”

Bosh also warned that it can take awhile to get in the groove with new star teammates:

“Usually when you figure it out, the season’s [already] over.”

Bosh, who remains in Miami as a duo with Dwyane Wade now that LeBron James has returned to Cleveland, speaks from experience in this case that Aldirdge would be wise to listen to.

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