Chris Bosh’s mother is hugging the headlines again – and still for bad reasons.

Freida Bosh, who recently made news for being discovered in a house in DeSoto owned by his 11-time NBA All-Star son suspected for being a drug trafficking den, has been arrested by DeSoto police for charges of exploitation of a disabled person.

While authorities were not able to seize any drugs in the property, they found plenty of drug paraphernalia upon serving the search warrant. Freida, along with ex-roommate Johnathan Brown, meanwhile, allegedly used an unnamed disabled man as a helper in distributing drugs, per Stephen Young of The Dallas Observer.

Police say Bosh and Brown allowed a disabled person to live with them and that Bosh ordered the person, whom police aren't identifying, to turn over part of a monthly disability check to cover rent for him and Brown. The victim was also forced to help Brown sell drugs, according to police. In return for coverage of his rent, Brown gave Bosh free drugs, according to police.

Freida, however, has been released by police after paying for bail. Brown, on the other hand, remains in Tarrant County jail as of this writing.

If proven guilty of the charge, which is a third-degree felony in the state of Texas, Freida Bosh could be jailed for almost as long as her son’s NBA career or from 2-10 years.