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Chris Broussard left Avery Bradley off All-Defensive team after erroneously thinking Devin Booker hung 70 on him

Former ESPN writer-turned-Fox Sports personality Chris Broussard left Boston Celtics shooting guard Avery Bradley off both All-Defensive teams under the impression that Phoenix Suns phenom Devin Booker dropped a sizzling 70 points with him guarding him late in the season.

Broussard came as a guest in Colin Cowherd’s The Herd, where he explained his reasoning.

“Avery Bradley is a fantastic defender, but didn’t Devin Booker put 70 on him?,” Broussard said during the show, getting a nod from the host.

Bradley was actually in the hospital and later sent home with a stomach bug, unable to make the start against the Suns for that March 24 matchup.

The two players guarding Booker were actually rookie Jaylen Brown, who got the start in place of Bradley, and combo guard Marcus Smart, who also made Broussard’s list for Second Team All-Defense.

Broussard voted for Chris Paul and Patrick Beverley on the First Team and added shooting guard Danny Green on the Second Team (all three were named to the All-Defensive team along with Tony Allen).

Perhaps what is most troubling is the fact that he said it on national TV with the utmost confidence and didn’t care to look back at the tape or the box score before making his take.

It’s these displays of ignorance that really get voting privileges rescinded and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a mia culpa coming from him in the near future.

UPDATE: As expected, Broussard sent out a tweet acknowledging his gaffe and mentioned it didn’t factor into his voting.