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Clippers’ Patrick Beverley comments on Luka Doncic Twitter interaction, ‘fun’ free agency

Patrick Beverley, Luka Doncic, Clippers, Mavs

After creating stirring headlines during the 2019 playoffs, former Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley will head into this summer as an unrestricted free agent. Luka Doncic took notice.

Beverley’s reputation as a tireless worker and defensive agitator makes him both a beloved teammate and pesky opponent, but also garners the respect of superstars such as Kevin Durant.

Never one to shy away from the attention, Patrick Beverley tweeted at Luka Doncic after the young Dallas Mavericks superstar followed him on social media:

In an interview with Khari Arnold of NBA.com, Patrick Beverley spoke about what it would be like to play with Luka Doncic in Dallas:

NBA.com: Some people have linked you to Dallas. And then you sent out that tweet to Luka Doncic. What was that about?

Beverley: I saw him follow me (on social media) earlier. So I’m thinking the same thing. I’m just having fun with it, man. It’s a good time to be a free agent.

NBA.com: Could you see yourself having fun playing alongside a player like Luka?

Beverley: Of course. He’s ball dominant, makes the right plays. If that does come, it would be me, Luka, Tim Hardaway Jr., (Kristaps) Porzingis, Courtney Lee. It’s tough when you actually think about it. But I’m going to have fun with free agency man. I work hard. I’m gonna enjoy this process.

The Mavericks could very well be in the market for a point guard, unless head coach Rick Carlisle feels comfortable rolling with Jalen Brunson, who showed tremendous growth in the last couple months of the season.

That said, Dallas also has a max-level salary spot open, which could mean that Hornets point guard Kemba Walker may be the more enticing option in free agency.

The delicate dance of free agency will be fascinating to watch once again this summer. Patrick Beverley and Luka Doncic will follow the process along with the rest of us, but the outcome could profoundly affect their futures.