It's been quite the day for College Football as two big-name coaches clashed. Nick Saban voiced his opinion on the NCAA's NIL deals and attempted to throw some names under the bus. Meanwhile, Jimbo Fisher wasn't having any of it and delivered a verbal assault of his own. Now, the rest of the coaches in the nation react to the bizarre exchange.

According to The Athletic, multiple coaches, most of which were unnamed, voiced their opinions on what transpired on Wednesday night. Saban and Fisher have a history of working together at LSU, however, things took an ugly turn once the two College Football coaches went head to head. One unnamed coach even claimed, “There has always been an ‘honor amongst thieves' mantra in the SEC, and those two just called each other's wives fat to a global audience.”

Perhaps Nick Saban is simply upset with the Texas A&M Aggies defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide last season. At least, that's what another unnamed College Football coach believes, per The Athletic. “The coach said it used to be an unwritten rule in the conference not to throw around these kinds of allegations. But that changed Wednesday night with Saban's comments at an event. ‘I guess Nick's pissed he lost to Jimbo,' said the coach.”

We'll see how this all pans out. The College Football world has been turned completely upside down right now. With the NIL deals in full swing, the NCAA may have to restructure the rule book to avoid the obvious loopholes. Maybe now with some time past, Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher can settle their differences. If not, then all eyes will be on Alabama and Texas A&M in the 2022 season.