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While Dan Campbell has ties to Texas A&M football, he won't be leaving his position with the Lions
Jimbo Fisher of Texas A&M football looking hyped and with fire in eyes
Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders
Jimbo Fisher asking, "Who want's this job?" referring to Texas A&M football
Lions, Texas A&M football, Aggies, Dan Campbell, Jimbo Fisher, Dan Campbell in Lions gear with Texas A&M football stadium in the background
Deion Sanders of Colorado football as Shakespeare
Dabo Swinney of Clemson football with eyes emoji and looking at Jimbo Fisher (Texas A&M)
Lane Kiffin's Texas A&M football comments were made on Monday
Johnny Manziel and former Texas A&M football coach Jimbo Fisher
Texas A&M football will pay historic buyout to Jimbo Fisher
Texas A&M football WR Raymond Cottrell has entered the transfer portal following the firing of Jimbo Fisher.
Stephen A. Smith “Get Primetime to the SEC!”, Deion Sanders smiling in Colorado football gear, Jimbo Fisher with an X through in Texas A&M football gear
Jimbo Fisher surrounded by money and mind-blown emojis.
Texas A&M football has a lot of candidates after firing Jimbo Fisher.
Ole Miss HC Lane Kiffin shuts down any possible Texas A&M football rumors.
Texas A7M HC Jimbo Fisher looking at Ross Bjork.
Fired Jimbo Fisher from Texas A&M football, with the question asking, Who's Next in for college football head coaches to be fired
Texas A&M football head coaching candidates with Jimbo Fisher
Texas A&M football interim coach Elijah Robinson in the center foreground.
Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin on the left, Texas A and M coach Jimbo Fisher on the right.