College football fans everywhere can't wait for this summer as the NCAA football video game will be returning. NCAA 14 was the last edition of the game, but with NIL, the game is back. Now, people are wondering what overall ratings all of the best players will be, and many are talking about Colorado football star Travis Hunter. Hunter is back with the Buffaloes this season, and he was one of the best players in the country last season. Is he good enough to be a 99?

It's still unclear how all of this will work in the NCAA video game, as the only thing that has been officially released about it is a trailer that came out earlier this week. However, if the ratings are done the same way as Madden, then former Georgia football quarterback Aaron Murray believes that Colorado football star Travis Hunter should be a 99.

“I think the only person to me that 100%, 100% this person deserves the ranking of 99: Travis Hunter, Colorado,” Aaron Murray said during a recent appearance on Snaps. “He's a freak athlete. The best DB by far… Would be the top DB in the draft this year and he could play both ways. Probably play special teams too. So Travis Hunter my for sure lock. If there's going to be a 99 guy it's going to go to him.”

Murray has a point. Hunter was one of the most special players in college football last season for a reason, and he should be even better next year with another offseason under his belt and after spending more time with the Colorado coaching staff. There are few players that can make an impact on both offense and defense, and Hunter is one of the special few.

It's going to be interesting to see the kind of season that Travis Hunter and Colorado football can put together next season. They have some talented guys, but last year ended up being disappointing given the hot start.

The Buffaloes will be an exciting team to watch next year, but before then, the new college football video game will return, and we'll find out what ranking Hunter really gets.