The Washington Commanders have been under investigation for so long it's hard to keep up with exactly what is going on with the franchise. Recently, the House Oversight Committee set up a court hearing for team owner Dan Snyder and NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell. However, it sounds like Snyder is skipping class while Goodell will make an appearance.

According to Mark Maske, Rodger Goodell will be meeting with the House Oversight Committee virtually. Meanwhile, Dan Snyder will not show up for the hearing as he is apparently out of the country. It's not a great look for the Commanders' owner, as this was an opportunity for him to make his case.

We'll see how the hearing plays out, as it's unclear how Rodger Goodell will handle the situation. Many believe he's been very protective of Dan Snyder and the Commanders, but that could all change on June 22. Meanwhile, “Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, attorneys who represent more than 40 former team employees, called for the committee to issue a subpoena to compel Snyder's testimony,” per the Washington Post.

Considering the Commanders are facing some pretty serious allegations, you'd think Dan Snyder would make an appearance at his hearing. Instead, it sounds like he's busy doing rich people things, visiting another country. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the hearing with Rodger Goodell making an appearance. Hopefully, we'll receive more answers regarding the issues revolving around the franchise.

Keep an eye on Washington, as more information may come to light through the hearing. If so, we'll have a much more clear outlook on the future of the Commanders and Dan Snyder.