League of Legends: Wild Rift's Yordle Expedition event added a fun twist to the mobile MOBA. The strengths of mobile games lie in the many exciting time-sensitive events that are common on the platform. Wild Rift capitalized on that common trend by focusing on a beloved group of the League of Legends universe, the Yordles. The second-to-the-last champion part of the event finally revealed himself. Corki flies into Wild Rift ready to pick a fight.

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Corki isn't the last Yordle to join the game but he is a significant addition to the mobile MOBA. The Rift still needs mental and emotional preparation before they officially roll out Teemo. Corki joins the immensely successful game along with two of his longtime skins, Urfrider and Arcade.

Fortunately, Corki's kit remains more or less the same as his PC counterpart. Corki mains awaiting potential changes from their favorite ADR can rest easy as he will be the same as he always was. Corki offers strong split damage output and flex potential as he can be played comfortably either in Bot lane duo or as a solo nuker in the Mid lane.

The Yordle Expedition event soldiers on up until its scheduled January 29 end. Players hoping to add the Yordle airman can still pursue him for at least one week. Alternatively, champions can be purchased from the in-game store if players are unable to complete the event.

Corki was among the first-ever champions to release on League of Legends and now he joins his rightful place as the game's mobile port takes off. If you're caught unprepared in the Bot lane, Corki will definitely show just how much damage he's capable of pumping out.