Coronavirus news: Evan Fournier defends Rudy Gobert
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Evan Fournier defends Rudy Gobert after report of recklessness in Jazz locker room

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Orlando Magic guard Evan Fournier is coming to the defense of Jazz big man Rudy Gobert, who was diagnosed with coronavirus on Wednesday.

Gobert has faced a fair amount of scrutiny since being diagnosed. Though fear surrounding this pandemic was already growing, Rudy made it a point to touch all of the microphones during Monday’s media availability. Just a few days later, he was a confirmed case.

There have also been reports indicating that Gobert was “careless” in the locker room, touching the belongings of his teammates.

Fournier, a fellow Frenchman, came to Gobert’s defense in a tweet that was sent out on Thursday morning:

Unfortunately, Gobert is not the only member of the Jazz to contract the coronavirus, as Donovan Mitchell has tested positive as well. Some critics are blaming Rudy, chastising his careless behavior in the midst of a pandemic. Others, however, are excusing him, noting that it was simply a part of his jovial nature.

In an unprecedented act, the NBA decided to suspend the 2019-20 regular season on Wednesday night. At this point, it’s not clear when (or if) the campaign will resume.

During an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up, Mavs owner Mark Cuban noted that the regular season could be moved into July and August. Either way, the NBA will wait for health officials to determine when it’s safe to resume play.