Cowboys news: Dallas interested in Earl Thomas, but only at a discount
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Cowboys interested in Earl Thomas, but only at a discount

Earl Thomas

It’s been storied that safety Earl Thomas challenged Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett to go after him when the defensive star became available. That time is now.

The Cowboys could use some help in the secondary, and that is exactly what Thomas would represent. Even better, the safety is a product of West Orange, Texas who went on to become a Longhorn. This, on paper, is a match made in football heaven.

Unfortunately, what is on paper decides nothing in the world of sports. Given Thomas’ age and injury history, his hometown team is not as interested as he would like, according to Calvin Watkins of The Athletic.

“Thomas wants to play for the Cowboys. The team is interested, but not to the degree most assume. ‘I can’t imagine we’re more than bargain shoppers here,’ a Cowboys source said.”

Jared Dubin of CBS Sports is adamant there the Cowboys can make room with a couple moves. One of which is cutting Allen Hurns to clear up five million dollars in cap space.

The other connection between Thomas and the Cowboys is with defensive coordinator Kris Richard. They were together with the Seattle Seahawks.

Every team is looking for bargains on talent, and maybe Thomas will take one for his hometown team. The match, however, might be too big to ignore for the Cowboys. They need a safety, and there is a top tier, albeit oft-injured, safety who wants to play in Dallas.

When it comes down to the issue of money, there are ways to find it. The Cowboys were talented enough last season and the addition of Thomas only makes them better. It might be imperative for them to find the room in their cap to add a hometown safety.