Cowboys news: Jason Garrett reflects on his coaching tenure with Dallas
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Jason Garrett reflects on his head coaching tenure with Dallas

Jason Garrett, Cowboys

New York Giants offensive coordinator and former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett chooses to focus on the positives of his time in the “Big D.”

Garrett had his introductory press conference as the Giants OC on Tuesday, but he took time to address his eight-plus years as the head coach of the Cowboys.

Garrett said he was thankful for the time spent in Dallas, as well as the foundation he helped build with the franchise (via 105.3 The Fan):

“This is the first time I’ve really officially spoken to the media since coming to the Giants from the Cowboys. I just want to acknowledge my time in Dallas and how grateful I am for that whole experience and everyone in the Cowboy organization for the opportunity and for the support and the lifelong friendships that I’ve made,” Garrett said.

“To the players, the coaches, and the staff members who were with me and made my life way better, I am eternally grateful to them and really appreciative of having them in my life and for that experience. Awfully proud of the program that we built and the teams we had. We had a lot of great days there. So again, I’m very grateful for that experience and for the people who made that experience what it was.”

Garrett took over for Wade Phillips as interim head coach in 2010, going 5-3 in his first eight games in charge after the Cowboys started 1-7 on the season. He was hired as the full-time head coach shortly thereafter.

But Garrett’s tenure was full of mediocrity. The Cowboys had four 8-8 seasons and made the playoffs just three times under Garrett’s watch, never advancing to the NFC Championship Game. Dallas started the 2019 season 3-0 but went 5-8 over the course of its last 13 games.

For his part, Garrett was often criticized for failing to maximize the talent on Dallas’ roster. Nevertheless, Garrett prefers to see look on the bright side as he prepares to take over New York’s offense.