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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones claims he didn’t talk football with Dez Bryant at Beyonce concert

Dez Bryant, Jerry Jones, Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones claims he and former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant didn’t talk about football at the Beyonce concert they were at earlier this week. The two were seen together in the same VIP box in AT&T stadium Stadium on Tuesday. Rumors have surfaced about this being a precursor to Bryant’s return to the Jones’ team, as he is currently a free agent. However, Jones claims the two didn’t talk about football at all.

“We didn’t talk about football. With Dez, that’s not uncommon. With Dez, a nice percentage of our conversations over the years football didn’t come up, and we had other things to talk about,” said Jones in an interview with 105.3 The Fan.

Jones claimed some of his best friends are often former players and it isn’t uncommon for him to become business partners with former players. Jones only touched on his encounter with Bryant briefly in the interview before proceeding to having dialogue about the players currently on his roster and how they will affect the Cowboys’ season, nipping rumors of a reunion with Bryant in the bud.

Just like that, football fans are back to being clueless about where Bryant will end up signing this season. The former top target will continue to market himself to teams until he finds one that suits his best interest.