After a busy offseason, fans are antsy to see how the Dallas Mavericks will fare this 2021-22.

Will Jason Kidd unlock everyone’s potential? How will Luka Doncic surprise us? And of course, will the Mavs win the title? Fans have their own predictions, so it’s only proper that we join them as well.

Here are our four bold Mavs predictions for the the 2021-22 NBA Season.

4. Mavs will finish between first and third seed

The Mavs’ offseason haul will be enough to propel them to top-tier status in the West. Sterling Brown and Reggie Bullock do not just add 3-point shooting, but their veteran presence will provide some stability throughout the course of the season. Apart from the Mavs’ new players, their performance will largely depend on the likes of Jalen Brunson, Maxi Kleber and Tim Hardaway Jr.—players who can now be considered core pieces.

In addition, the Western Conference will look a bit damp in the coming season. The Denver Nuggets, who finished third last year, will be without Jamal Murray for a good chunk of the campaign. The team has not revealed a timeline just yet, but players who suffer an ACL injury usually miss out on one full year.

The same goes with the Los Angeles Clippers, who will likely miss the services of Kawhi Leonard for some time. Although his injury is a partial ACL tear, we know about how Leonard likes to play it safe when it comes to rehab. To recall, his fallout with the San Antonio Spurs was triggered by his lack of trust with the team’s medical staff.

All these realities in the West will give the Mavs ample opportunity to claim the first, second or third seed. And it’ll be a chance they won’t botch.

3. Luka Doncic will win MVP

The Mavs’ improved standing will finally convince the voters that Luka Doncic deserves to win MVP. The Slovenian has been in MVP conversations since his rookie year. In the 2019-20 season, his sophomore year, he finished fourth. Last campaign, he finished sixth.

It’s safe to say that he has always been on the MVP radar. The only thing that has prevented him from winning is the Mavs’ standing. Over the last two seasons, the Mavs have finished seventh and fifth in the West, respectively.

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As noted above, things are lining up for Doncic and the coveted MVP trophy. We will see the Mavs go on some impressive winning streaks with Doncic stuffing the stat sheet as always. In the NBA, you just don’t fall off the MVP ladder. Once you’re in the conversation, chances are, you’ll remain there until you win one. This will be Doncic’s year.

2. Kristaps Porzingis will be an All-Star

Jason Kidd’s entry into the Mavs once again was met with warmth by its diehard fans. After all, Kidd was part of the 2011 roster that brought home a title. They are aware of how great of a basketball mind Kidd is. He’s the perfect coach for Luka Doncic. Apart from this, hopes were immediately placed on Kidd’s shoulders to properly integrate Kristaps Porzingis into the offense.

The Latvian has been doing good, but he and Doncic seem to operate separately. They don’t possess the chemistry of a Kobe-Shaq, Magic-Kareem, LeBron-DWade and other great duos.

There’s a good reason to believe why Kidd can finally turn the Porzingis-Doncic tandem into a star duo and make KP an All-Star along the way.

As for one, Kidd worked with Anthony Davis and LeBron James with the Lakers. AD and LeBron have some similarities with the Mavs’ stars. Like LeBron, Doncic is a gifted playmaker who sees plays even before they develop. Like Davis, Porzingis is a modern-day center that can punish defenses from inside and outside.

Kidd will export Lakers plays into his Mavs system. This will work wonders for Porzingis.

1. The Mavs will make it to the Western Conference Finals

The Mavs’ stellar regular season will trickle on over to their postseason campaign. In the last two seasons, they were booted out by the Clippers in the first round–with the first in six games, and the second going the extra mile. This is an indication that the team has the tenacity to compete.

This time around, the Mavs will not just cruise past the first round, but they’ll likely make it all the way to the Western Conference Finals. Once they reach it, it’ll be difficult to predict if they can claim the Western title. After all, there’s a good chance they’ll face the Phoenix Suns, the Los Angeles Lakers or the Utah Jazz. All of these teams are way experienced than them.

As is the case in the playoffs, experience almost always wins. But even if they fall out, the Mavs can still pat themselves on the back for an excellent campaign.