Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey is once again back to his cryptic ways following another tweet and delete episode on Sunday. Fans were quick to point out that the Sixers might have something big brewing with Houston Rockets disgruntled superstar James Harden, after Morey decided to re-tweet one of The Beard's individual accomplishments last season.

Out of the blue, the 48-year-old executive shared Harden's feat of becoming the Rockets' franchise leader in assists after surpassing Calvin Murphy last year. Morey deleted the tweet moments later, but not before eagle-eyed fans took a screenshot of the post.

As expected, Morey's now-deleted tweet started a whirlwind of speculations on whether or not the one-time MVP will soon be shipped to the City of Brotherly Love. Some argued that maybe Morey was just reminiscing about his former player and it has nothing to do with trade rumors.

Then again, it's quite odd for a newly appointed executive to be focusing on other players not currently on his own team. His tweet is definitely suspicious, especially the timing of it all with the 2020-21 season set to begin in just a couple of days. It's a stretch, but maybe Morey is addressing claims that Philly will lose a great playmaker in Ben Simmons if they opt to trade him for James Harden?

The Sixers have reportedly made the Australian point-forward available in a possible blockbuster swap with The Beard. For what it's worth though, Morey has denied any such claims. The Rockets, however, will reportedly only entertain that deal if it comes with three future first-round picks.

Morey, meanwhile, has already landed himself in hot waters last year following his now-deleted tweet about the Hong Kong protests. One thing's for sure, Morey loves to stir the pot just as much James Harden does.