In the last several years, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey has made a name for himself as one of the notable front office members around the league.

Morey had recently used this newfound popularity to search himself on Facebook to see what kind of groups had been created in reference to him to find that there are more people that dislike him than hold admiration.

Although these numbers are quite meager, it does show that there is a section of Rockets fans that want him to be fired. His over aggressiveness at times may push him out of favor a section of the fan base given that it could cost the team in the long run.

Morey's latest moves have seen the Rockets acquire All-Star point guard Chris Paul while a potential deal to land All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony may be in the works. These moves have plenty of risk involved, but it at least shows that he is willing to more go out on a limb in order to put together a competitive team.

That said, this is just another example of how accessible and social media savvy a general manager that he has become over years that is not much of a commonality in the current NBA.