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Dead by Daylight is next week’s free Epic Games Store title

Dead by Daylight, Epic Games Store, Epic Games, Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight, the hit asymmetric horror multiplayer game, finds its way to the Epic Games Store next week. The bonus? It’s going to be EGS’ free game offering of the week.

Be sure to head to the Epic Games Store on Thursday, as Dead by Daylight will be offered for free. Don’t dilly-dally in claiming your free copy, though, as Dead by Daylight can only be claimed until December 9, 2021Dead by Daylight will be offered alongside the Data Scientist Edition of While True: Learn(), a game about machine learning and programming.

Thursday might feel like a long time for fans of the game. The free game will be arriving just in time for the release of the two new characters.

While getting free games is usually a cause of celebration, fans of the game do not feel good about this news. Dead by Daylight players are complaining that the game being free means cheaters will have free reign on the game. There are also those who are alleging that the only reason why Behaviour Interactive brought the game on Epic Games Store is that Epic Games are supportive of NFTs, and Steam isn’t. Fans are still upset that Behaviour Interactive released the Hellraiser model as an NFT, and they see this move as a showcase of Behaviour’s morals.