Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been featuring various Pokemon in Tera Raid Battles. We've seen numerous starter Pokemon featured from previous generations and we are getting another coming soon. Decidueye is coming to Pokemon Tera Raid Battle and we are all ready to battle and catch this favored grass and bird-type Pokemon.

Decidueye Tera Raid Battle Details

Decidueye will be featured on the Pokemon Tera Raid Battle for its second run starting March 24 until March 26, 2023. During this limited-time run, we are expecting that from this Tera Raid Battle, we know for a fact that you can only catch one per save file. What we have confirmed through the help of @Seribii.net's information is that Decidueye is a 7 Star Tera Raid Battle and will have a Flying Tera type as well as the Mightiest Mark.

For this Pokemon Tera Raid Battle, we are expecting the following Item Drops from the battle:

Base Item Drops:

Exp Candy L, Exp. Candy XL, Protein, Calcium, Flying Tera Shard, Flying Tera Shard Host, TM164, and Ability Patch.

Random Item Drops:

Exp Candy L, Rare Candy, Protein, Calcium, Star Piece, Comet Shard, Nugget, Brave Mint, PP Up, Bottle Cap, Flying Tera Shard, Ability Capsule, Ability Patch, Exp. Candy XL.

Decidueye is normally weak against flying-type attacks, receiving 2x damage but since its Tera type is flying-type, it lessens the impact on this Pokemon. If you're going to battle and catch it, it is best to use ghost-type, fire-type, ice-type, and dark-type attacks since it

Should I Participate in this Tera Raid Battle?

Decidueye is one of the strongest starters to date and there are a lot of reasons why you should participate in this battle. Besides the loot that you will get from finishing the raid, you will also get a dependable attacker for your team. Decidueye has a great moveset that is effective against several meta Pokemon in the current Ranked Battle Series.

If you're still considering partaking in this Pokemon Tera Raid Battle, we've listed down Decidueye's base stats below:

HP: 78
Attack: 107
Defense: 75
Sp. Atk: 100
Sp. Def: 100
Speed: 70
Total: 530

Decidueye's moveset is particularly great as it provides an array of damage output attacks and status condition attacks as well.

1Phantom ForceGhostPhysical90100%
1Leaf StormGrassSpecial13090%
Learned upon evolvingSpirit ShackleGhostPhysical80100%
12Shadow SneakGhostPhysical40100%
15Razor LeafGrassPhysical5595%
30Nasty PlotDarkStatus
37Sucker PunchDarkPhysical70100%
44Leaf BladeGrassPhysical90100%
51Feather DanceFlyingStatus100%
58Brave BirdFlyingPhysical120100%

This Pokemon Tera Raid Battle will coincide with Blissey's Tera Raid Battle as well so make sure to make the most out of the weekend's events! If you've already caught Decidueye early on, you can maximize the Raid Battle by going multiple times and just looting the items that you can get from the win. Of course, these items are valuable and can help you in your Ranked Battles.

Of course, we'll update you when more information about the Tera Raid Battle details is out! More on the latest news, updates, and events on anything and everything Pokemon on ClutchPoints Gaming! Make sure to check in from time to time!

Best of luck, Trainers!