Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been featuring a lot of new promising Pokemon in the Pokemon Tera Raid Battle and Blissey is set to appear in the upcoming Pokemon Tera Raid Battle. Previously, we have seen one of the most favored starter Pokemon have its go in the Pokemon Tera Raid Battle, Decidueye. Is this next Tera Raid Battle worth the trouble of going through?

Blissey Tera Raid Battle Details

Blisset's Tera Raid Battle will start from March 24 to March 26, 2023, and a rerun on April 21 to 23, 2023, alongside the Typhlosion Pokemon Tera Raid Battle. While most Pokemon Tera Raid Battles have fixed Tera Types that they will appear with, Blissey doesn't have a fixed Tera type meaning it could come out with various different types and gives outs increased Exp Candy and Tera Shards should you manage to capture or beat it.

This makes this Pokemon Tera Raid Battle the perfect opportunity for Trainers to spam leveling this weekend of their battle teams for the Ranked Battles this season or if you're looking to change your Pokemon's Tera type as well.

Blissey is a popular Pokemon that evolves from Chansey as it has good defensive stats as well as great utility moves that you can use in double battles. Blissey appears in normal Tera Raids as they have a higher chance of dropping Herba Mystica which you can use later on in the game. Since this Blissey is an event raid Pokemon, it's unlikely that it will give Herba Mystica but still give Exp Candy and Tera Shards instead. Of course, there will be other usual Pokemon Tera Raid Battle drops like Star Piece, Comet Shard, and others.

Other than this Blissey Tera Raid Battle, for those that have missed the Greninja Tera Raid Battle before, there will be a second wave of 7-Star Greninja raids will be kicking off again at the same time on March 24 to March 26. With these two Tera Raid Battles coming up, make sure that you make the most out of the weekend's events.

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As always, best of luck, Trainers!