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Dennis Lindsey believes Rodney Hood can become the primary scorer for Jazz

Upon the aftermath of Gordon Hayward‘s decision, the Utah Jazz have a gaping scoring hole to fill in the near future and they might just find it within one of their own.

General manager Dennis Lindsey believes lefty shooting guard Rodney Hood can take on the bulk of the scoring now that the organization is forced to move on and re-tool based on the available pieces.

“We believe Rodney Hood can be a primary scorer,” said Lindsey, according to Andy Larsen of Salt City Hoops. “It’s time for us to pivot, it’s time for us to move on.”

If that vote of confidence wasn’t enough, Lindsey also sung high praise for the team’s newest acquisition in point guard Ricky Rubio, comparing him to one of the all-time passing greats.

“We believe Ricky Rubio will be a 2017 facsimile of Jason Kidd,” he said confidently.

Rubio is bound to be a much better facilitator and a better defender than George Hill, thanks to his long arms and heightened defensive awareness.

Hood on the other hand, has shown glimpses of being a capable scorer, especially at the beginning of last season when Hayward missed the first few games due to injury.

If the lefty wing can get the right amount of shots and have a system that facilitates his strongest spots on the court, he could very well be the best-suited Jazz member to take on that task.