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Video: Dennis Smith Jr. blows past Lonzo Ball for the vicious throwdown

dennis smith jr

The Summer League has been a great avenue for some of the highly-touted rookies from the recent draft to showcase their skills. On Sunday, the ninth overall pick, Dennis Smith Jr., had his first opportunity to go up against Lonzo Ball, selected second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Dallas Mavericks point guard did not show any signs of being intimidated and during the third quarter, blew right past Ball for an explosive dunk that left everyone inside the building in awe.

Since his days at NC State, Smith has been making a name for himself as a high-flyer who is not afraid to attack the basket whenever he has the chance. He has even been compared to Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard in the past for his ability to finish strong near the basket as well run the plays for his team.

With most of the attention given to the likes of Ball, Markelle Fultz, and Jayson Tatum, Smith could turn out to be a sleeper among first year players this coming season. He’s also seen as a good fit with the Mavs, who are expected to give him every opportunity to succeed.