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Derrick Rose becomes one of four former MVPs to be waived midseason

Derrick Rose used to be one of the most dynamic point guards in the NBA. His quickness and finishing ability heralded him among the league’s best in his prime.

In 2011, Rose won the NBA’s MVP award, becoming the youngest player in the association’s history to do so. He captured the award over the likes of LeBron James who was quickly becoming the league’s best player at the time. In any case, it hasn’t been an easy road for Rose lately.

Suffering injury after injury, Rose is just a shell of his former self. Before reaching the age of 30, Rose became the fourth former MVP to get waived mid-season, as pointed out by Reddit user allfangs. After being waived by the Utah Jazz, Rose will now join the company of Bob McAdoo, Allen Iverson, and Moses Malone.

However, Rose’s career has been nothing similar to these NBA legends. After having a few strong seasons, Rose has torn his ACL twice. These injuries have inhibited the domineering point guard from attacking the basket like he used to in his heyday.

Rose is also a poor shooter. Since his quickness has left him, he literally has nothing to rely on offensively. Though, that doesn’t mean that Rose’s career is over. There have been some rumors that the Washington Wizards and Minnesota Timberwolves are interested in his services. Rightfully so, Rose can still run an NBA offense with his smart decision making.

In the right system, Rose can thrive as a backup point guard option. It’s now time to wait and see where he will fulfill that role.