The rumor mill is buzzing with the latest celebrity couple speculation as Emily Ratajkowski drops hints about her dating life. The 31-year-old model-actress recently made headlines when she was spotted engaging in some serious PDA with none other than Harry Styles in Tokyo. While fans and media have been speculating about the nature of their relationship, Ratajkowski has now revealed that they have been seeing each other for over two months.

In a recent appearance on the Going Mental with Eileen Kelly podcast, Ratajkowski shared some intriguing details about her dating life. Although she did not mention Harry Styles by name, the timeline of the podcast and the timing of the PDA-filled outing in Tokyo seem to align. Ratajkowski mentioned that she had just started dating someone who she finds “kinda great” and that it feels different from her past relationships, People reports.

The star, who shares a 2-year-old son with her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, also alluded to the challenges she has faced in relationships before. She expressed hope that dating someone who has their own life and interests would prevent the issues she has encountered in the past.

Ratajkowski also touched upon the anxiety that comes with dating in the digital age. She explained that it can be challenging to casually date, as some people may initially claim to be comfortable with a partner who has a busy and opinionated life, but then become resentful when faced with the reality of it.

Ratajkowski was also recently linked to other high-profile celebrities, including Pete Davidson and Eric Andre, following her divorce from Bear-McClard in 2022. However, her recent outing with Styles in Tokyo has sparked widespread speculation and excitement among fans as Styles appears to be a permanent option.

As the public eagerly awaits further updates on Ratajkowski's romantic life, the internet continues to buzz with excitement over the surprising revelation of her relationship with Styles. With their undeniable chemistry and status as two of the entertainment industry's most fashionable and beloved figures, this celebrity coupling is sure to continue generating headlines and capturing the attention of fans around the world.