Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman fired his agent on Tuesday in a surprising development, via ESPN's Buster Olney. According to Olney, Freeman had previously told friends he was upset how free agent negotiations transpired over the offseason. The former Atlanta Braves star ultimately signed a 6-year, $162 million dollar contract with LA. But the money didn't stop Freeman from feeling frustrated with how everything panned out.

Initially, the first baseman felt as if the Braves short-changed him in free agency. But after speaking to Atlanta's GM he moved past any lingering tension with the team.

The decision to fire his agent came right after the Dodgers-Braves series over this past weekend… which also happened to be Freddie Freeman's first return to Atlanta. Freeman was emotional in media interviews when discussing his time with the Braves. Many believed his emotion was purely a product of nostalgia. But it now seems as if part of it was a product of anger with his agent. One has to wonder if he wishes he never left Atlanta.

But fear not Dodgers fans, as Freeman is under contract for the next 6 years. Nonetheless, there seems to be a developing story here. It isn't that often agents get fired after inking their client to a multi-year, nine-figure contract.

Freddie Freeman is currently listed as self-represented according to Olney. And it may stay that way for the foreseeable future based on an update from MLB insider John Heyman.

It would not be shocking if more details are revealed in the near future in reference to Freddie Freeman's 2022 free agency.