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Dodgers’ Justin Turner savagely owns Joe Musgrove despite Padres’ pitcher’s delusional take

Dodgers, Padres, Justin Turner, Joe Musgrove

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres have a brewing rivalry. Sure, the Dodgers are longtime rivals with the San Francisco Giants and that still holds true to this day. But the Padres have entered the discussion as well. The Dodgers and Padres are currently in the midst of a four-game series. LA won the first two games heading into Saturday’s matchup. However, Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove made a controversial remark in reference to LA’s Justin Turner following Game 1 of the series.

Musgrove was asked about his struggles against Turner, who is hitting an extremely impressive .417/.500/.917 against him. Despite those elite numbers, Musgrove issued a rather delusional take on the Dodgers third baseman, per Dodgers insider Blake Harris.

“I don’t know what his numbers are against me, when he’s in the box, I don’t feel like he’s a huge threat,” Musgrove said. “He’s a good hitter… out of all the guys in the lineup, I didn’t feel like he was a huge threat.”

Justin Turner went 3-3 in the Dodgers Game 1 victory. He added two home runs off of Joe Musgrove. Yet, Musgrove feels as if Turner isn’t a “huge threat.”

These comments should only add more fuel to the fire in this developing rivalry. The Dodgers and Padres do not like each other and have had clashes in the past. It will be interesting to see if there is any tension the next time Musgrove faces LA.

For now, the Dodgers are holding onto a 3.5 game lead over the Padres in the NL West.