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VIDEO: Max Muncy crushes HR to give Dodgers 4-2 lead midway through Game 5 vs Rays

Dodgers, Max Muncy

Max Muncy came up with a huge play for the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Rays, as the 30-year-old hit a crucial homerun at the top of the fifth inning to give the Dodgers a 4-2 lead. Muncy knew it was gone as soon as he hit it, and the impressive hit resulted in an equally epic bat drop.

Here’s a clip of the solo homerun by Muncy courtesy of MLB on Twitter:

It was a key play from Muncy in a pivotal period midway through the contest, as it gave his team a precarious 4-2 lead. The Dodgers first baseman has come up with huge plays for his squad all season long, but there are not many that can match this one — especially considering the gravity of the situation. It has been a tightly contested matchup between the two sides, and Muncy’s solo score could end up as a game-defining play.

The Dodgers are looking to break the tie in the series, which currently stands at 2-2 following Tampa Bay’s epic Game 4 victory on Saturday night. In case you somehow missed it (why?), L.A. committed two costly errors in what turned out to be Tampa Bay’s game-winning play in the ninth inning. It was an insane sequence that has got to be one of the most bizarre endings in World Series history.

Their Game 4 defeat marked the Dodgers’ second straight loss, as they allowed the Rays to tie up the series. Momentum has been on the side of Tampa Bay, but the Dodgers are looking to reestablish their series advantage with a victory in Game 5.