Dolphins news: Ryan Fitzpatrick has a couple of poor performances in practice
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Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has a couple of poor performances in practice

Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Miami Dolphins traded for Josh Rosen during draft weekend back in April, but the general consensus has been that veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is the leading candidate to begin the season under center in South Beach, and head coach Brian Flores confirmed as much.

But you have to wonder just how much Fitzpatrick needs to do over the summer to hold on to that job.

According to Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald, Fitzpatrick put forth a couple of very poor performances in practice on Wednesday and Thursday, adding that Rosen actually outperformed Fitzpatrick on both occasions.

Salguero says that on Wednesday, Fitzpatrick threw multiple interceptions, bobbled a snap and forced some throws, and while he seemed to play a bit better on Thursday, he was still far from impressive.

This is pretty par for the course for Fitzpatrick’s career, as he has moments where he looks like a solid NFL quarterback followed by stretches where you wonder how he is even in the league.

Of course, the Dolphins probably aren’t too surprised, as they surely did not have the 36-year-old Fitzpatrick pegged as a long-term fit, as he seems more like a placeholder and mentor to Rosen until Rosen is finally ready more than anything else.

It would not be the least bit shocking if Rosen ends up supplanting Fitzpatrick at some point in 2019. As a matter of fact, a legitimate argument can be made that it would be more surprising if that doesn’t happen, especially considering that Miami is far from a contender.